Do you maintain your center pivot correctly?

Planting and spraying season is upon us, and as farmers plan for irrigating crops, farmers need to consider what they are asking of the centre pivot around the countryside. The pivot is the only piece of machinery that a farmer owns that sits out in the elements 365 days a year. The pivot does not get the opportunity to spend the winter in a shed like the other machinery is a substantial investment, and needs to last for many years, performing when the farmer needs it most.

AGNFLOW want to remind farmers that performing proper care of the pivot will help their bottom line by providing a greater return on investment. Here we give the checklist you need to check with your pivot before your plant season.

  1. Verify the system electrical ground
  2. Look for any structural or electrical hazards
  3. Check the pivot centre. a). inspect the pivot pad and anchor bolts.  b). grease the pivot bearing
  4. check gearbox, centre drive and wheel.  a). remove any water condensation that have accumulated.  b). fill oil level to proper level with lubricant specified in the owner’s manual.
  5. check wheel and tyre.   a). make sure tyres are inflated to the specification in the owner’s manual.   b). make sure all wheel lug nut are tight.
  6. check other drive train components.
  7. check the alignment of system
  8. check the condition of the water carrying conduit. a). inspect the boots, clamps and gaskets. b). inspect the low pressure drains.  C). inspect all components associated with the sprinklers, such as gooseneck, drops, regulators, and sprinkler devices
  9. Remove the sand trap and thoroughly flush the system with water.

If all above list are good, you should be confident to run your pivot, if you need any help, welcome to contact with our AGNFLOW service team.