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Agnflow can help with new and used center pivots and lateral move irrigators. Agnflow is not only an agent for centre pivot sprinklers, but also a manufacture of center pivot with its MAXIMOS range of center pivots.  Agnflow is also a provider of Center pivot irigator parts from span parts to suit used Valley pivots, used Reinke pivots, used Lyndsay pivots, used TL systems and more. Ian Sobey said is anyone is looking for a cost-effective option for pivot irrigation parts and repairs, farm watering systems then we can help save our customers money.


Agnflow PTY LTD has no affiliation with Reinke, Valley/Valmont, TL, Lyndsay/Zimmatic, Pierce/Western. None of our aftermarket structural parts or other are manufactured by Valley/Valmont, Reinke, TL, Lyndsay/Zimmatic, Pierce/Western or in any way indorsed and or certified by Reinke, Valley/Valmont. TL, Lyndsay/Zimmatic, Pierce/Western. Agnflow PTY LTD is an independent supplier of aftermarket parts and services.