Center Pivot Repairs and repiping

AgnFlow can provide after market pipes and span span parts for many systems. We supply after market pipes for Valley, Reinke, Lyndsay, TL . If your centre pivot or lateral move irrigator has a problem, we can get you up and going as soon as possible.

Centre pivots and lateral move irrigation products are just another piece of farm equipment and suffer from a range of problems such as storm damage, farmer damage and like us old age.

If your system is showing signs of age, and you know its only a matter of when, not if you will find it on the ground, then talk to us and we will put a plan in place. We have aftermarket irrigation span parts including Reinke E65 E 80 , Lyndsay, Valley 8120 8000 style Pipe and many more options.

Don’t wait until its too late as most of the time your system will fall when we are using it and parts and service is critical.

Our irrigation consultants also specialise in insurance repairs for centre pivots and lateral move irrigators and can help you with your claim if you’re having difficulty.


Agnflow PTY LTD has no affiliation with Reinke, Valley/Valmont, TL, Lyndsay/Zimmatic, Pierce/Western. None of our aftermarket structural parts or other are manufactured by Valley/Valmont, Reinke, TL, Lyndsay/Zimmatic, Pierce/Western or in any way indorsed and or certified by Reinke, Valley/Valmont. TL, Lyndsay/Zimmatic, Pierce/Western. Agnflow PTY LTD is an independent supplier of aftermarket parts and services.