Center Pivot Parts

Center Pivot Irrigation Parts

AgnFlow offers a range of irrigation parts for both new and old systems in Victoria, NSW, Tasmania, South Australia and Queensland.

If you have an older centre pivot or lateral move irrigation system and are looking for irrigation parts, we can adapt new electrical components and align them with your older system.

We  offer centre pivot parts for well renowned brands including:

Valley – Zimmatic – Bauer – Irrifrance – Otech – TL – Reinke – Rainfine – Pierce – Tyco.

We offer gear boxes, irrigation drive components, control panels, collector rings, tower boxes, tyres, end guns and boost pumps to suit most brands, as well as irrigation span parts and other steel work.

Agnflow specialise in old style Reinke system parts and provide a full range of E60 system parts and retro fit options.

Contact us to find out more about what kind of irrigation parts we stock, or for more information about what kind of parts you require.