Center Pivot Span Parts

Irrigation Span Parts

agnFlow have put together a range of aftermarket irrigation span parts to suit the following systems:

  • Valley 8120 style
  • Valley 8000 style
  • Tyco pivots
  • G2 Lindsay style systems.
  • E60 Reinke style
  • E80 Reinke style
  • E11 Reinke Pipe
  • Rainfine style

We also specialise in irrigation span parts for Reinke old style E60 and E80 systems, including some current model system parts.

We also have access to irrigation pipes and fittings manufacturing, so we can build up custom requirements for most brands.

If your old centre pivot needs repairs, new irrigation span parts, or hard-to-get parts, don’t just park it in the corner of the paddock, call us and see if we can get you up and going.

Most old systems will last another 15 years once the pipe is replaced, so its well worth discussing your needs with us.


Agnflow PTY LTD has no affiliation with Reinke, Valley/Valmont, TL, Lyndsay/Zimmatic, Pierce/Western. None of our aftermarket structural parts or other are manufactured by Valley/Valmont, Reinke, TL, Lyndsay/Zimmatic, Pierce/Western or in any way indorsed and or certified by Reinke, Valley/Valmont. TL, Lyndsay/Zimmatic, Pierce/Western. Agnflow PTY LTD is an independent supplier of aftermarket parts and services.

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