AGNFLOW Team Visited the Peanut Farmland for Pivot Repair in QLD

To buy and install the Center Pivot or Lateral Move irrigators is a big investment for farmers at the start stage of planting. By the time of use or bad water conditions, rainstorm or some of other reasons, some parts of pivot will be damaged, such as pipe, gearbox, centre drive, tyres etc., need to be repaired otherwise will effect when irrigating season come and could make a big lost for farmers. Depend on the current market situation, almost centre pivot manufactures want to push to sell the whole pivot system instead of repair broken pivot for farmers , and cost is very high if the farmers want to repair. So to save the cost and bring back the value to our farmers, AGNFLOW build a good relationship with our manufacturer to supply the aftermarket pivot span pipe and parts for farmer.

valley 8120 pipe
Valley 8120 centre pivot repair

One of our customers from QLD, plant the peanut and fed cattle in his farm. He got a Valley pivot used for more than 15 years, but the first 3 spans pipes all rusted, instead of buying a new centre pivot, he is prefer to repair it at a reasonable cost as the rest parts of machines are all good. AGNFLOW gave them the best solution to saving cost.

If you have any pivot need to be repair, welcome to contact with us.