Awesome Irrigation-1.2Km Lateral Move Irrigation System

Awesome Irrigation!  this week the team from agnFlow commissioned another 1200m wide lateral for winter cropping This one is watering up canola working on a field of 3Kms long putting out 25Ml per day. This system is a twin for alongside it is another 1200m system that’s currently watering up winter wheat also working on a 3Km. To see two systems side by side covering 2.4Kms wide putting out 50Ml per day is something special. These units run with the latest John Deere engines, Cornel run dry pumps, Clements self-cleaning screens.

We have been lucky to have the opportunity to put this together. Its more pleasing to work with farmers who have had the vision to want something like this and happy to listen to experienced advice to get it.

Our Project Director Ian Sobey said, while this project still in the making it involves turning old much out-dated rice and border cheek layouts into an extremely efficient irrigation upgrade. The water savings are enormous which is becoming more and more important with the cost and availability of water. This large scale spay irrigation is becoming more and more popular as farmers change the way in which they use their irrigation water, especially changing from summer to winter cereals as in this case.  Low pressure spray irrigation with high water uniformity is the right choice for large scale projects like this.

Proper planning, skilled contractors are the backbone of any good project but without good sound advice it’s hard to bring projects together. If you would like to discuss more about large or small irrigation upgrades then please talk to us, we have the knowledge and experience with large or small projects.

Lateral Move Irrigation System
Lateral Move Irrigation System