UMC CX Coupler for Centre Pivot and Laterals


The UMC® CX Coupler is a shock-attenuating drive connection between the gearmotor and final drive gearbox. Its design reduces set up time for new center pivots and laterals. Similarly, it is the perfect compliment for towable systems due to the ability to control disengagement at the gearbox. From the service tech’s perspective, it is a must-have solution because this one coupler fits all brands of center pivots and laterals.

Features and Benefits

Our patented, preassembled drive connection fits a 3/4″, 7/8″, and 1″ drive shafts as well as metric sizes. It features three 3/8″ SQUEX bolts for easy one wrench installation.

  • Units come pre-assembled
  • Saves time in the field
  • Meets and exceeds the existing UMC coupler performance
  • Designed to fit all shaft sizes- standard and metric
  • UM stabilised Urethane puck
  • Easily converts from Non-Towable to Towable.
  • Centering rod for maintaining alignment at peak torque.
  • UMC® SQUEX- Bolts(Square Neck- Hex Head) for easy one wrench installation.