Yanmar Stainless Steel Weather Proof Canopy Diesel Generator


We offer 4 models of Yanmar diesel generator sets for irrigation system use.

  • 8.8kVA/7.1kW
  • 10kVA/8kW
  • 12.5kVA/10.4kW
  • 17kVA/13.6kW

Yanmar stainless steel weather proof canopy diesel generator sets features:

  • Yanmar-Water cooled diesel engine
  • Original over sized stamford
  • Skid mounted with no fuel tank
  • Stainless weatherproof cover
  • Fork lift access
  • 250 hour service intervals
  • Basic Remote start controller
  • 416/240 Volt circuit breaker
  • Eng/Alt/Controller manuals included
  • Pivot input shutdown with 32vDC socket.
  • 1 x 32 amp 5 pin socket
  • 1 x well kill socket
  • Basic inline fuel filter
  • Full with oil, coolant and load tested….

More details please find out in our products brochure.