UMC Standard Coupler for Centre Pivot and Laterals


The UMC® Standard Coupler is a shock-attenuating drive connection between the gearmotor and final drive gearbox. It has been the industry standard for many years on new systems from Original Equipment Manufacturers. It is available in a wide variety of sizes and configurations to fit any brand of center pivots and laterals.

The UMC® Standard Coupler features an alignment rod that helps keep concentric positioning under extreme loads. The added strength is ideal in heavy soils and on systems with larger-diameter tires.

Features and Benefits

  • Proven service record of over 25 years
  • Designed for extreme duty environments
  • Ideal for high torque low speed conditions
  • Alignment rod holds insert in place and coupler in alignment under extreme or sudden loads.
  • Designed for use in extreme duty environments: heavy soils; Larger tire diameter; Higher torque motors; and stronger gearboxes.
  • Designed to be the fusible link in the drive train to prevent failure in final drive gearbox or other hardware in problematic field conditions
  • Urethane insert offers an environmentally stable material with better resistance to UV rays and chemicals
  • Grooved insert option converts any coupler assembly for a towable application.
  • UMC SQUEX-bolts (Square-Neck, Hex-Head) creates unique bolt anti-rotation feature that allows for faster single wrench assembly in Field.
  • High torque conditions capture and compress insert lobes instead of shearing them.
  • Shock attenuating puck insert allows for softer starts and stops
  • Ideal for high-torque, slow-speed conditions with severe back driving.
  • Curved pressure pads compensate for out of line conditions
  • One year limited warranty.