Soft Hose Travelling Irrigator IrriCruiser ULTIMATE


DuCaR IrriCruiser ULTIMATE, the New generation soft hose travelling irrigator


  • Agriculture: small to medium crops, pastures and dairy farms
  • Turf irrigation: golf, race courses, playing fields and gardens
  • Dust control: Mining and construction sites.
Cable Length: 400/ 500M
Lay Flat Hose: 3″ or 3.5″ 200M Premium Drag Hose
Working Pressure: 70-100psi
Water Flow Effective Spray Width: 500 – 1500 l/min
Total Irrigated Area 70M – 120M
Speed: 445 x 630m=280350 m² (28 Hectare) in 7 days
Sprinkler: DuCaR Green 150 Turbine drive, BIMA 3-Speed Gear Box
Mechanism: Automatic Winch Spooling System & Automatic Travel Shut Off
Weight 1200kg
Construction Heavy duty welded chassis with rust proof and hot dip galvanised reel

More details please ask our AGNFLOW sales team.