Zimmatic Valley Style Tower Boxes & Components


Agnflow offer the full rang of tower boxes and components

  • 8001- Zimmatic style intermediate tower box
  • 8002- Zimmatic style end tower box
  • 8003- Zimmatic style stall tower box
  • 9101A- Valley style intermediate tower box
  • 9102A- Valley style stall tower box
  • 9103A- Valley style end tower box
  • 9110A- ¬†Valley style booster pump tower box
  • Reinke A-B-C and CB boxes
  • And the components for above model tower box, include Zimmatic Valley style tower box linkage kit, swivel ball joint, quick disconnect, linkage rod, butterfly cam, butterfly cam shaft, microswitch long arm, microswitch short arm, tower box cam, cam arm, Reinke yoke, Reinke cam shaft, tower box relay, relay socket, contactor, discount switch, timer for Valley and Zimmatic pivot.

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