Irritech Rainger Ditch Feed Linear


4 wheel hose drag linear
4 wheel hose drag rainger cart

Irritech Rainger Ditch Feed and Hose drag Linear with 4 wheel Rainger cart.

  • Pipe diameter available in 5″, 6 5/8″, 8 5/8″.
  • Length: max 24 spans.
  • Water supply: ditch or drag hose.
  • Power supply: Diesel engine or drag cable.
  • Control box: standard panel or PLC.
  • Cart: standard 4 wheel linear or heavy-duty 4 wheel linear.
  • Guidance: Furrow, above-ground cable.
  • Alignment: control pole, modified, floating.

Using 30 years experiences, agnFlow team will design the correct linear for you accordingly, discuss with us about your requirements.