4 Wheel Lateral Move Pivot System by IRRITECH


4 wheel lateral move pivot system by IRRITECH are available at AGNFLOW now.

  • Pipe diameter: 5″, 6 5/8″, 8 5/8″
  • Length: max 24 spans
  • Water supply: drag hose or ditch
  • Power supply: drag cable or diesel engine
  • Control box: Standard(Switch) or PLC
  • Fertilizer system: optional 1000L-6000L
  • Pesticide Spray system: optional
  • Classified according to the location of the water source into End Feed and Centre Feed
  • Cart: Standard 4 wheel linear or heavy duty 4 wheel lateral
  • Guide way: Furrow, Angle steel, Above-ground cable.
  • Alignment: Control pole, modified, floating.

More details, please contact with our AGNFLOW team to give the best solution for your farm irrigation.