FieldWise Zempat5 (Z5)


Introducing Zempat5


Built with growers in mind, the Zempat5 (Z5) offers unparalleled features for any panel that exists. Z5 is the first in class, full color 5″ capacitive touch screen computer panel. Unlike other manufacturer’s computer panels with soft touch buttons, the Z5 won’t wear out. It has an easy swipe format with a modern look. Replacing your main panel is a thing of the past. Retro – fit any existing panel with the Z5 and take control today!


Why Z5?


The Z5 utilities your existing main panel saving time and money. It replaces your existing percent timer, while keeping the rest of your panel intact. It also offers features unmatched by any other brand, including SMART START. Combine with the FieldWise Portal, the Z5 creates the most enhanced experience that money can buy.


Z5 Features

  • Start
  • Stop
  • Direction
  • Pump
  • Chemigation
  • Speed
  • VRI Capable
  • Endgun 1,2,3,4
  • Auto – Restart
  • Auto – Reverse
  • Pressure Start
  • Flow
  • PSI (main panel and end tower)
  • GPS Positioning
  • GPS Stall
  • Intelligent Collision Detection
  • Remote Wells
  • SMART START and much more!


Free hardware upgrade when cellular technology changes.