Agnflow P1962-G Australian Proud Towable Centre Pivot


Agnflow P1962-G Australian Proud Towable Centre Pivot, Available in 8″ and 6 5/8″ versions

This is an Australian designed system that has over 30 years of centre pivot knowledge behind it.

Over 30 years of experience with the single tower leg structure design we have added some unique what we believe to be important improvements. Our version is not about cutting manufacturing costs it about delivering a system that will out last your expectations. To build the RS 80/65 centre pivot system we have sourced components from South America, China, USA, Australia. We have had one thing in mind when configuring this system and that is will the farmer be able to source back up parts in case of an unexpected accident or weather advent. Is the componentry uniform enough to enable a quick fix and are the basic parts generic enough to be of the shelf.

Build on a proven structure that has had some modifications to enhance the strength such as extra strong pipe brackets, increased truss rod size, larger diameter base beams are just and general purpose centre point.

The RS 80/65 pivots are built to last and are also available in UPVC  lined versions for hard water applications and are built on an extra heavy-duty galvanised structure for a long life.

The RS 80/65 series come standard with UMC motor drive and wheel gears and is available in towable and non-towable versions up to 500 meters.

The RS 80/65 series utilises a centre point alignment system which again has been proven over decades and componentry is readily available if urgent parts are required.

Another feature of the RS 80/65 series is the pipe spacing allowing for 57- or 28.5- inch outlets to enable LESA/ LEPA bubble configuration giving the optimum water efficiency. As an option the RS 80/65 is also available in 30″ spacing.

Our control centre is encased in a STANDARD Stainless Steel box to last the life time of your pivot, our control centre is designed to be Field Wise ready a third-party company we are proud to be partnering with for our technology. The control centre is available in a Standard % timer version right up to the latest 10″ touch screen control centre. All units can be fitted with EOFS GPS and easy to use app software for on the go smart device monitoring and control.


Alignment System

The unique double-arc system and tie rod entered on the pipe shaft provides greater precision in the alignment of the towers, as well as adjusting easier.

Flexible Joint

The coupling between spans with internal flexible joints allows movement in the horizontal and vertical planes and, also, torsion movement, so reducing the wear of the structure.

Tower Legs

Manufactured in a single 150mm beam, fixed by 4 screws to a robust support welded to the pipe, they are highly resistant and better absorb tensions in the tower.

Combined with the 3″ tubular stabilisers, it is the system that has the least interference in the distribution of water around the tower.