AL3-G Center Pivot Installed on a Waste Water Project.


This is an 8-span aluminium centre pivot we installed on a wastewater project recently.

Using Senninger’s new bubble system the system performed as expected and unless you were paying attention you wouldn’t notice it running which was one of the reasons we selected these heads. Using 6PSI regulators and keeping close to the ground works a treat to suppress any odour with very low pumping requirements.

Assembled with 14.9-24 turf tyres for less track mark, UMC gearbox and centre drive, Australian-made stainless steel control panel, and with Fieldwise smart control system.

This Australian Made AL13G Aluminium piped which was poly-coated for further protection against re-use water should give many years of simple operation.

If you looking for a quality Australian-made system then give us a call.