Australian made aluminium over a heavy steel frame is the best combination for centre pivots


Australian made Aluminium over a heavy steel frame is the best combination for centre pivots.

When it comes to designing centre pivots, combining an Australian-made aluminium structure with a heavy steel frame can offer several advantages, making it an excellent choice for this agricultural irrigation system.

First and foremost, the use of Australian-made aluminium ensures a high-quality material that is lightweight yet exceptionally durable. Aluminium possesses excellent corrosion resistance, which is vital for withstanding the harsh outdoor conditions typically encountered in agricultural settings. Its resistance to rust and degradation ensures a longer lifespan for the centre pivot, reducing maintenance and replacement costs over time.

Additionally, the lightweight nature of aluminium makes it easier to transport and install the centre pivot system. It requires less machinery and labour compared to heavier materials like steel, resulting in reduced installation time and expenses.

By incorporating a heavy steel frame alongside the aluminium structure, the centre pivot gains enhanced stability and structural integrity. The steel frame provides a solid and robust foundation, which is especially crucial when dealing with the substantial weight of the irrigation system, water pressure, and external environmental factors such as strong winds or heavy crop loads.

The combination of aluminium and steel allows for an optimal balance between strength and weight, resulting in a reliable and efficient centre pivot. This design ensures that the irrigation system can cover a large area with a minimal number of towers or supports while maintaining stability during operation.

In conclusion, opting for an Australian-made aluminium structure over a heavy steel frame offers numerous benefits for centre pivots. It combines the lightweight and corrosion-resistant properties of aluminium with the strength and stability of steel, resulting in a durable, efficient, and cost-effective irrigation system that can withstand demanding agricultural conditions.