Aftermarket Lindsay/Zimmatic Style Pivot Span Parts


We offer the high quality hot-dip galvanised aftermarket pivot span parts to suit the Lindsay G2 style pivot.

  • Center point and parts
  • Main pipe
  • whole pivot structure parts.

contact us for details.


Agnflow PTY LTD has no affiliation with Valley/Valmont, Reinke, TL, Lyndsay/Zimmatic, Pierce/Western. None of our aftermarket structural parts or other are manufactured by Valley/Valmont, Reinke, TL, Lyndsay/Zimmatic, Pierce/Western or in any way indorsed and or certified by Valley/Valmont, Reinke, TL, Lyndsay/Zimmatic, Pierce/Western. Agnflow PTY LTD is an independent supplier of aftermarket parts and services.