6 5/8″ Center Pivot with LESA Sprinklers


agnflow V series center pivot

Irritech 6 5/8″ Center Pivot by agnFlow

  • 6 5/8″ Center Point with Irritech Standard Control Panel, could be upgrade to PLC panel for smart phone and computer control, contact with agnFlow team for details.
  • 6 5/8″ x 49.12m high quality galvanised steel pipe span with 1.9m outlet spacing, if use double goose neck can change to 95mm for LESA/LEPA, for water&energy saving.
  • 6 5/8″ x 16.7m overhang.
  • Genuine UMC 740UV gearbox
  • Genuine UMC motor/center drive
  • 14.9-24 tubeless wheel with galvanised rim or blue colour painting rim available now. Turf tyre available if you required.
  • Senninger i-Wob LESA sprinkler package, Komet KPT sprinkler package available if you required.
  • X-cad end gun with Bermad valve and 2HP boost pump, Komet 101 gun available if you required.