4 Span Agnflow P1962-G Australian Proud Centre pivot


Agnflow P1962-G Australian Proud Centre pivot

1.fixed centre point available in 6 5/8″ and 8 5/8″.

2.Stainless steel main control panel

3.Flexible joint: the coupling between spans with internal joint and flexible hose, placed in the centre of the pipeline, allows side, up and down and rotational movements, with reduced effects on the structure and hose longevity. No other system is so efficient in hilly terrain.

4.Single tower legs, made of 6″ U-beam, fastened by 4 bolts to a sturdy support welded to the pipe, provides the tower greater strength compared to other systems using a single bolt and a structural shape made from steel angles of thin thickness.

5. Smart control: you can operate your pivot on phone or computer any time you want, saving time and money.

6. Sprinkler package available in i-Wob or Komet.